7 oct 2018

Resurrection 44.6 - Minor Fixes v1.01

Author: AndySYS | Filed under: Files
I included a few minor fixes in the archive below, they are optional to use. The changes are listed below...
  • C01E01 The Cathedrale: The musics for the Dark Side and Light Side work properly, the dark part fixed and the light part added
  • C01E03 Gloomy Mountains: The teleport at the second CheckPoint is slightly moved away, so it's now easy to pick up the Stake ammo and MegaHealth there
  • C01E04 The Haunted City: Now it's possible to fight with the last Panzer Spider at the end of the level
  • Red Souls Fix (general fix): The Red Souls Fix from Eggtooth's Resurrection Mega Fix Mod v2.0 included, thanks Eggtooth!
  • Mr. Molotov (just a small correction and not perfect): The mode/ammo icons now switch on the HUD when the primary and secondary modes are switched on the Weapons screen
Installing the fixes: just extract the content into the "data" folder of your Painkiller Resurrection 44.6 installation... Enjoy!