7 oct 2018

Redemption 1.05f - 5-Star Update v1.02

Author: AndySYS | Filed under: Files
This update makes possible to finish every levels with maximum statistics (collecting all 5 stars in the statistics) in PK Redemption and it contains a few minor changes too...

General changes:
  • Now all doors open at the end of the levels: the player can explore the whole map after killing all monsters
  • Rearranged weapons: corrected order of weapons, corrected names for weapons and for their modes too, fixed fire mode switching for all weapons
Fixes for the levels:
  • C01E02 Magazines: the 3 earlier undestroyable big barrels are destroyable now
  • C01E03 Refinery: a misplaced crate is now back in the level
  • C01E04 The Complex Of Towers: 11 misplaced ammos are now back in the level and one is moved away a bit
  • C01E05 Old Underground Complex: 3 misplaced Holy Items (Secret #3) are now back in the level
  • C02E01 Unholy Stronghold: tarot card status display fixed
To install the update: just extract the contents into your game's Data folder and enjoy your now possible maximum statistics! It works with the latest 1.05f version...