30 jul 2015

Recurring Evil Patch 1 - 5-Star Update+

Author: AndySYS | Filed under: Files
This update makes possible to finish every levels with maximum statistics (collecting all 5 stars in the statistics) in PK Recurring Evil and it contains a few bugfixes and minor changes too...

General change: now all doors open at the end of the levels, so the player can explore the whole map after killing all monsters. The other applied fixes for each levels are listed below...

C01E01 Unfortunate Abbey:
  • There's a Stakegun now in the very first and formerly empty secret, which helps to get the second secret with the megahealth
  • One misplaced celtic urn is now back in the level
  • The doorkey is moved to a better place and now it opens a secret
  • A treasure chest earlier with 400 000 HP has only 80 000 HP now, so it's still massive but it's much faster to destroy it
C01E02 Highway to Hell:
  • Two formerly inaccessible secrets are now back in the level (I won't tell more, find them both)
  • Fixed invisible wall bugs at the Panzer spider (levelboss)
  • Several misplaced items (1 Shotgun ammo, 7 objects, 3 holy items) are now back in the level
C01E04 Graveyard:
  • Two misplaced objects (a catafalque and a holy item) are now back in the level
Installing the update: just extract the content into the Data folder of your Painkiller Recurring Evil Final Patch 1 installation and overwrite all existing files...

Enjoy the game and your now possible maximum statistics for all levels!