13 feb 2009

Experience #4

Author: AndySYS | Filed under: Experience Series
Experience #4

Hey Guys!

I'd like to present my new video: Experience #4 - it's ready for You to watch and enjoy or suffer... And I'm going to rest for some time from now...

It's 43 and a half minute long and the size is big... o_O

I recommend the VLC Player to play back the x264-version, that works for me fine with it...

Video's content...
  • SinglePlayer-Tricks
  • SinglePlayer-Frags
  • MultiPlayer-Tricks
  • MultiPlayer-Tricks & Longer Actions
  • Longer Actions & Frags
  • Credits & MultiPlayer-FragFest
Have fun or whatever with it, as You like/dislike it... Maybe it will be a bit strange/unusual, I better saying nothing. I also recommend some chips/popcorn and cola/beer/whatever while watching it, cause it's a little bit long...



Experience #4

Experience #4